Beauty Haul: Ulta (January 2014 – #2)


I went pretty crazy at Ulta in early to mid-January.  It was a triple rewards points period and even when I don’t need or want anything in particular, you can bet that I’m going to still buy a bunch of stuff to take advantage of the opportunity to earn points.  Here’s what I got in this trip (I didn’t lay this out very well for the picture to translate to words, but I’m going to start from left and go around in a way that makes sense to me – you should be able to follow by brand for the most part):

– Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner – Carbon Black

– NYX Radiant Finishing Powder (new item)

– NYX Butter Gloss – BLG02 – Eclair

– NYX Butter Lip Balm – BLB07 – Panna Cotta

– Essence Get Big Lashes Triple Black Mascara (new item)

– Essence Lipstick – 52 – In the Nude (clearance)

– Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer – 101 – Celestial

– Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer – 201 – Solstice

– Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color – 730 – Coral Gleam (clearance)

– Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara – 01 – Black

– NYX Wonder Pencil – Light

– Essence Lip Liner – 04 – Honey Bun (clearance)

– Mon Image Eye Shadow Applicators (12ct)

I only got the last item to push me over the edge to use a coupon that I had – it was the closest cheap item to the register and it’s funny because I don’t particularly care for sponge shadow applicators actually (I’m a brush girl).  I don’t know if the Ulta coupons always specified that they couldn’t be used on clearance items, but they certainly do now.  I also know that I used the coupons on clearance items for a very long time and whether it’s a newer rule or if they just recently started enforcing it, I’m a bit bummed.

The Stila liner and the Clinique mascara were on my most wanted list and I had also been wanting to expand my lip product collection, so that was my main focus with this trip.  Again, I plan to review at least some of these products individually in the future, but for now, I’m still just posting about my recent acquisitions without much detail.


Beauty Haul: Ulta (January 2014 – #1)

Ulta Beauty Haul - January 2014 - #1

Ulta Beauty Haul – January 2014 – #1

I’ve already raved about Ulta in a previous post, but I could honestly rave about that store all day long, so that sentiment continues here.  The focus this time is a recent haul (from last month, yes – I have such a huge backlog of things that I want to post about, so it’s going to take me a while to get up to date… please bear with me).  The best part of this particular haul is that I only paid about $15.00 for all of the items shown here.  No, Ulta doesn’t love me enough to just give me this loot – at least, not yet (Ulta, if you’re listening, I’m open to that).  What happened here was pretty much the reverse – I clearly loved Ulta too much.  This stash for a steal was made possible by the rewards points I accumulated over the last several months, totaling 3,000, which was worth $175 in free merchandise.  Here’s what I got:

– Urban Decay – Naked Basics Palette ($27.00)

– Pur Minerals – 3-in-1 Universal Pencil in Cocoa Topaz ($17.00)

– Mally Beauty – Shadow Base ($18.00)

– Mally Beauty – Cancellation Concealer w/ Brush in Fair ($35.00)

– Too Faced – The Secret to No Makeup Makeup ($39.00)

– Smashbox – Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation in 2.1 Light Beige ($42.00) ***Note, this shade was later exchanged for 1.1 Fair.***

– Laura Geller – Matte Maker ($24.00)

– Stila – Portrait of a Perfect Lip ($16.00)

– Eco Tools – Buffing Brush ($6.99)

The subtotal of these items was $224.99.  I utilized a 20% discount that was going on at the time, which was applicable to most of the prestige brand products and resulted in a $45.00 discount prior to the utilization of my $175 rewards credit.  At the end of this transaction, I only had to pay about $5.00 for the merchandise and about $10.00 in tax.  It’s only been more recently that I’ve wised up about the best way to utilize my points and I decided that I would no longer redeem my points until my balance was at least 2,000 (which is worth $125.00) – by contrast, 1,000 points is worth $50.00 and as I mentioned, 3,000 is worth $175.00.  I also decided that I was not going to redeem my points until I had that 20% off coupon for prestige brands.  It pains me to think of all the time (and money) I spent not paying attention to these things, but at least moving forward I know that I am working the system to my best advantage.

I plan to review most or all of these products in individual posts at some point in the future, so be on the lookout for those.