Tried & True: Rimmel Just Let It Go… Gentle Eye Make Up Remover


I try to be loyal with beauty products, I really do.  But it’s a fine line between my penchant for loyalty and my curiosity about new products.  Anything that I label “Tried & True” will be considered a go-to item in any given category.  It may even be an all-time favorite, which happens to be the case with this particular product – Rimmel’s Just Let It Go… Gentle Eye Make Up Remover (it used to simply be called “Gentle Eye Make Up Remover,” but I guess they felt it needed a more punchy name – I do not agree).  It will take a lot for me to try another makeup remover.  I’m not saying it will never happen, just that I will need a very specific reason for venturing outside my box on this one.

Side note: I am going to do my best to always use the true name of a product, regardless of how I feel about the spelling of certain words.  In this case, when referencing the actual name, I am calling it “Make Up Remover,” but for my own purposes, this is “makeup remover.”  Makeup. Is. Not. Two. Words. (not in Beeks’ world anyway)

I have used this product faithfully for years.  As someone with a sensitive eye area, any product I use for makeup removal must indeed be gentle.  Rimmel doesn’t disappoint.  I don’t wear contacts (hell, I don’t even wear my glasses 99% of the time), but I would imagine that this would be suitable for any contact lens wearers out there.  It’s oil-free, which is a must for me – I have combination skin, oily in the T-zone, and aside from occasional night treatments or very rare bouts of extreme dryness, I do my best to avoid adding oil to my face.  Plus, I just personally cannot stand the feel of an oil-based remover, all slick and icky.  Another important aspect of this product is that it does a really good job of removing waterproof liners and mascaras, which are great when you need them, but usually a pain to get off of your face.  It’s reasonably priced (usually around $6 or so), has nice packaging (never had a spill when traveling), and the bottle lasts a long time (I use it in the morning for touch-ups/refining and at night for full removal).


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