My Beauty Mecca

Favorite store to shop for beauty products… hands down, it’s Ulta.  The rewards program can’t be beat, especially once you reach Platinum status, and I really like the fact that they carry such a broad spectrum of products.  That’s why I prefer it over a store like Sephora.  The low-end to high-end offerings, the drugstore-type items, not to mention the coupons and the sales.  Yes, some things I could probably find cheaper at a store like Target, but if I can use a coupon and earn points on the transaction, I’m going to get it at Ulta instead.  Bonus if the item is on sale as well – in that case, it may very well be cheaper than Target AND the reward points are just gravy.  You have to spend $400 in a year to achieve Platinum status and you do have to re-qualify annually to maintain it.  Platinum status is particularly advantageous during your birthday month, when you earn double points on all purchases.  Also, throughout the year they have special events for Platinum members where you can earn 3x points.  I was very lucky this past year that one of the 3x points offers coincided with my birthday month (November) – I earned extra points just for being Platinum, then double points, followed by triple points.  I made bank on rewards points that month and Platinum points never expire, so I don’t even have to rush to decide what I’m going to use them on or risk losing them because I forgot they were there.  Bottom line, if I’m going to buy these products anyway, why not do it at a place where you get something back?  And I’ve found that you get the most for your money at Ulta.  Happy shopping!


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